A Retro Holiday in the Scottish Highlands

Here are some images we captured on a real retro holiday in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

Volkswagen Type 2

We simply went of in a hired a vintage Volkswagen camper from 1978 from Scoopy Campers in Edinburgh and started out on a 1100 mile journey in the northern parts of Scotland.

A Retro Holiday

After a minor problem with the camper we started out in Edinburgh in early June. We headed for Inverness to get a bit northerly then we usually get in the weekends.

The plan was to drive around the northern part of Scotland following the coastal route. Driving around in Scotland in a VW Camper from 1978 is the perfect way to have a holiday in this country. The top speed is around 60 mile per hour (96km/h) and you have your bed and kitchen just behind you. After a few days I managed to get my way around the the tricky gear stick and my arms was used to the heavy manoeuvres with the steering (no power steering). This was a real retro holiday on small roads, small campsites and wildcamping along the roads in some of the most beautiful places in Scotland. We prefer to camp in the wild and then take a stop on proper campsite when we needed a shower, electrics and drinking water.

Beside seeing 5 orca or killer whales we enjoyed the usual sightings like otters, harbour porpoise, lots of seals and many different sea birds. The small and beautiful Scottish primrose were from a botanical point of view the most spectacular on the check list!

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Martin Bay



  1. Looks like a great trip. Love these VW campers.

    • Thank you for your comments – it sure was a great trip.

  2. Nice photos Martin. Was the vw van as dreamy to travel in as it looks? Thanks for sharing.


    • Yes it sure was. Amazing old van.

  3. great pictures, thanks for them, I love these vans and Scotland is sooo beautiful

    • Thank you for your nice comment.


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