Front wheel of one of the old Carlsberg trucks in Copenhagen.

Carlsberg Truck

I like these old trucks and wouldn’t it be amazing if they were still in use? Eventhough I call it a Carlsberg truck it actually branded with the other big danish beer brand Tuborg.

Tuborg used to be as popular as Carlsberg but now Carlsberg is so strongly branded all over the world. Tuborg doesn’t even have a proper website but are discussed at Wikipedia at least.

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This Morris Commercial almost look like its alive. Must have been a dream van in those days!

Morris Commercial

This is another car from Carlsberg’s old brewery. The place is now turned into a visitor centre with some interesting history of Carlsberg, nice Cafes and restaurants. I love the old cars they have there and would love to get them outside on the streets of Copenhagen for some photography.

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Here is another image of a car this time a green Morris from the old Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen.

Morris Carlsberg

By chance I found this old part of the brewery when heading for Boxland bazar in the neighbourhood near Carlsberg. This car were used in the old days moving Carlsberg beer to Copenhagen’s small pubs and restaurants.

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Was so lucky to catch this little red Morris Mascot in front of Foto Factory the other evening. What a car!

Morris Mascot

I like these old cars. They are awesome to drive and just look so cute. I’ve edited the photo in Photoshop to give it some atmosphere and make it stand out from the surroundings.

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Near to our showroom we have this tranquil harbour with these old and authentic green fishing boats from the old days.

Green Fishing Boats

It’s fantastic to be so close to an perfect photo adventure. Whenever light is great it’s just grabbing the camera and running out in the middle of it!

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Metro Berlin is an image from one of my days in Berlin. I remember I was out testing the Canon 50mm f/1.8 taking images of Berlin for Foto Factory.

Metro Berlin

I waited at this cross close to Alexander Platz for the right moment to get a shot of the yellow metro as it was passing by. I love the shallow depth of field of the 50mm lens and the sharpness. I’m amazed what a good lens you can get for a few euro!

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