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Beautiful Danish Nature Forest

North of Copenhagen have some very pristine forest and woodlands. The photograph below is from Asserbo Forest very early spring.

Asserbo Forest

The photo was captured with the 50mm f/1.8 lens which I have been using a lot lately. I have tried to include the atmosphere in the image be subtle editing and adding a bit of blur around the edges.

In Copenhagen it’s Friday so soon time for a busy weekend – hope time will allow another trip up north.

You can buy a copy of the photo art on Foto Factory.

Martin Bay

Old Birch Trees by the Lake

Visiting an old lake in the forest north of Copenhagen I was looking for some simple compositions – the trees by the lake is a good example of what I was looking for.

Trees by Lake It was late in August but the trees were still very green but to get the mood I was looking for I desaturated the colours to make it a bit more relaxed for the eye. The photo was captured with the Canon 5D Mark II and the 24-105mm f/4 IS hand held. I added some vignette blur and desaturated the colours to give the image some atmosphere.

I really love the texture and colours of the old birch trees.

Martin Bay

Lake in the Pine Forest

Here is an edited photograph of a small lake deep in a Scottish pine forest.

Forest Lake

The lake was a nice surprise after a long hike though the dense forest. The nice clearing and the beautiful quite lake was a perfect place for a rest.


Small Stream deep in the forest

Photograph of a small stream deep down in the forest near Loch Ness.

Small Stream

The photo is captured in the same forest you can see on this photograph. I’ve applied the same editing to give it the same atmosphere. I love walking around to fine places in the forest with atmosphere and soal.


In the Forest – Near Loch Ness

A dull day in the forest near Loch Ness. We were hiking some of the new trails follow she east side of the large lake.

In the forest

The photographs was captured on a dull day in the forest on the east side of Loch Ness. We had been camping near by and took a nice hike the following morning through the beautiful wood land.


Autumn Mushrooms from Danish forest

Autumn mushrooms from a recent trip to one of the many beautiful forests in Denmark.

Photo of Mushrooms

I do not take many photographs of mushrooms but on a recent trip to a forest just north of Copenhagen i found these ones and thought they looked lovely in all the brown leaves.