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Living the Dream – A Scottish Road Trip

Anything better than a road trip on small roads? This photo is from a trip in the Scottish highlands and an old camper van.

Living the Dream

We have been on the most lovely road trip in the Scottish highlands. We traveled in a good old camper from 1978 from Edinburgh around the tip of the main land of Scotland.

The 12 days were a all about living the dream. For many years I had dreamt on traveling Scotland in a old camper – just drive all the small road you never take camp on the remote spots were not phone signal reach and you the only noise are the wind in the roof, the birds, the river, or the waves of the sea.

At the above photo we were camped at a campsite in Durness – a lovely spot that is really nice and have lots of space even in the season. We drove around in early June and it were still cold in the night but the weather was really beautiful and we had a lovely trip.

Enjoy the image and go out there and do what you always dreamt about!

Martin Bay

Volkswagen Retro Campers

The classic Volkswagen camper must be the ultimate icon of a holiday car. I used a few days around the v-dub festival to capture some of these amazing vehicles. Here is a compilation of the Volkswagen retro campers.

VW Camper in Motion

The Volkswagen Type 2 camper must be the most classic camper ever made. We were sold on a short holiday in the Scottish highlands in a 1978 classic red Volkswagen. It took time to learn the gears and adjust your body to steer and drive such a basic car but it was simply built for driving on the small scottish roads. No speeding is needed you just need to drive slowly to take in the scenery and beautiful mountains.


Danish Fishing Boats

Danish fishing boats from the city of Løkken at the western coast of Denmark. This place is one of few places where boats are still being launched directly on the beach.

Danish Fishing Boats

It have been a nice evening a the beach with a strong and cold wind from west. I’ve just put on the ultra sharp Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens, after composing i release the shutter – click! The image is in the camera and I hope it will catch the atmosphere and some of the history of this rural place.


Green Morris Mascot from Carlsberg

Here is another image of a car this time a green Morris from the old Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen.

Morris Carlsberg

By chance I found this old part of the brewery when heading for Boxland bazar in the neighbourhood near Carlsberg. This car were used in the old days moving Carlsberg beer to Copenhagen’s small pubs and restaurants.


Morris Mascot

Was so lucky to catch this little red Morris Mascot in front of Foto Factory the other evening. What a car!

Morris Mascot

I like these old cars. They are awesome to drive and just look so cute. I’ve edited the photo in Photoshop to give it some atmosphere and make it stand out from the surroundings.