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Understand exposure and venture out of auto mode

Three basic settings on your camera sets the exposure. You need to understand exposure if you want to venture out of the auto mode on your camera and become a better photographer. This image of Quiraing on Isle of Skye is a good example of how difficult it can be! It took several shots to get it right.

Understanding Exposure

You can leave your camera on auto mode and it a good place to start with you new digital camera. Many of the shots will look great but I’m sure you will realize that some are not exactly how you expected – some are too dark or too light, blurry or simply out of focus. As cameras get more advanced they generally do a good job getting the exposure right – but then why do we need to learn about exposure and not just let the camera do what it doing?


Panoramic Images

I like Panoramic photography which means stitching two or more images to one larger Panoramic Image. I had a few jobs requiring larger print sizes and to get really large prints and still keeping a high detail level I ended up stitching several images together. The concept behind stitching is that you combine two or more overlapping images to one big panoramic image and hence you will have more resolution for an enlargement. With today’s advanced programs it’s getting easier because the process is almost automated and the algorithms behind the scene is good and powerful. The weakest point is as with every other photos the most important part! — getting your field work done properly and bring home some images that are sharp, overlapping and interesting and finally you will be able to stitch together.

Panorama of Shanghai


Learn Digital Photography

I often get asked what would be a good camera as the first digital SLR camera. My answer is that is often doesn’t matter much, but that is only part of the truth. I will recommend that you start as simple as possible to learn digital photography.

Image of Skateboard

I think its most important to learn the basics and I really mean learn the basics. This mean you need to learn how to adjust the aperture, shutter speed and how the perspective changes when changing the zoom on the lens. Starting with a simple camera you will not get distracted by millions of options and buttons. Even the most “basic” cameras have plenty of things that can distract you but it will not be too overwhelming – and in the beginning you will take lots of “not-so-good” images and it hurts let if your camera has not cost you your whole salary. Basically you can focus on taking images and not about all the switches and have fun.


Creative Variations

Creative Variations: — Three images one scene!

Sometimes you are out photographing just for fun and want to expand you creativity or you simply makes a mistake and your images are more interesting than usual. My creativity is often bigger when the weather is not set for great images – like very grey and dull days. One such day I was out for a walk and saw these Birch trees. Nothing particular I just wanted to take an image of the forest to use for a large wallpaper – here it is:

Natural Birch Trees in Colour