Images of Godrevy Lighthouse

The image of Godrevy Lighthouse is a panoramic photo of three images from the Canon 5D Mark II and the 24-105mm f/4 zoom lens stitched together. The images were captured close to sunset which together with light layer of clouds create brilliant soft light. The light condition also allow using very long shutter speed which make the sea appear calm even though it was pretty windy with high waves coming in from West. The images have been merged and cropped in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with further adjustments in Adobe Lightroom.

The Lighthouse is located on the north coast within St. Ives Bay and is maintained by Trinity House. The area is popular by surfers, walkers and seals and to exclusive areas administered by the National Trust.


Martin Bay

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3 Responses to Godrevy Lighthouse

  1. Beautiful warm soft lighting complements the slow shuttered water.

  2. Andy R says:

    Hi Martin,

    As a Cornishman living in self imposed exile in Cyprus I was thrilled to see your photos of my beautiful County! You mention that the Godrevy shot is a panorama. How large is it when printed up? The reason for asking is that I can see no reason to shoot a series of photos to get the finished picture other than to create either a huge panel or a triptych? Do please let me know. Kind regards Andy

    • Martin Bay says:

      Thanks for reaching out Andy. First of all I’m glad you like to visit my homepage and are interested in my work. When I visit places like the lighthouse I know I might never come back again and I recently did a decorations of a large work place and doing some large prints made me realise that it worth while the effort to create some large images by stitching smaller images together. I will post some more images from Cornwall in the near future so stay tuned for more :)

      Enjoy the day!

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