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Black & White New Forest Ponies

New Forest National Park is home to the famous New Forest ponies its hard to believe if you haven’t visited the park but the ponies are roaming all over the place.

New Forest Ponies

You will fine ponies in gardens, on roads and all over the park it really is an amazing and unusual sight. Last year we drove through the park unaware of the ponies until we were surrounded by ponies. We were in a hurry to get to Isle of Wight so we could only mark in and plan to come back.


Beach huts at Blokhus, Denmark

Black and white version of the beach huts at Blokhus beach. Usually you will see images of the huts and the beach in sun and a blue skye but I prefer to more dramatic nature of this place.

Beach huts

I like the dramatic feel in this image and have converted the photo to black and white in Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is my favourite for for organising and editing my images – for more manipulative work I use Adobe Photoshop but like when I can get the work done in Lightroom.


Black & White Sea

Black & White photo of the North Sea on a nice and windy day. The wind is strong and the clouds are flying fast over the head of people, the waves are big and the current is strong. What a nice day to be at the sea!

Black & White Sea

I captured this image on one of the last day of the year with a storm coming in from west. The frost have left Denmark and generally the weather is a bit boring so I headed straight to the edge of the beach to capture the sea. I converted the images to black & white in Adobe Lightroom. I like how the tones blend you can sense the speed of the clouds and the current in the water.


Winter in Denmark – Cold Sea

The sea is frozen and it is winter in Denmark. The beaches that used to be filled with people are now empty and the sandy beach is covered with thick ice.

Winter in Denmark - Cold Sea

Its been years since we had such a cold winter with many minus degrees and snow. The original image of the beautiful sunset was very  nice but I like this black and white version better. I like the calmness of the sea and the dark skies in contrast with the white ice.