Volkswagen and a Vintage Camera Strap & Wallet

Fourth year anniversary and nearly 40 years old and I got a present that is just as old and still going strong! Actually I got two presents from my lovely girlfriend. A camera strap and a wallet — well it’s not just that — it’s finely crafted and handmade from the exact vintage 1970’s vinyl used to upholster 1970 Volkswagen’s.

The Vintage Volkswagen Camera Strap

The vintage camera strap is long enough so it can be comfortably worn across the shoulders instead of only looped around the neck. The straps made by Couch Guitar Straps are all limited editions based on the production of our guitar straps. Couch Guitar Straps make these straps from odd cuts of their handmade Vintage VW Guitar Straps — for about every 100 guitar straps there is just enough to make about 4 or 5 of these camera straps in this style.

Vintage Camera Strap

The Handmade Vintage Volkswagen Wallet

As with the camera strap this wallet is made of the exact vintage 1970’s vinyl used to upholster many early 1970’s Volkswagen’s. Just like the camera strap the dark, off-red color of the pattern looks amazing on the wallet!

Vintage Wallet

You should notice the intense detail on this wallet. The wallet is stitched on the outside with a bright blue, and the inside back pockets with a matching blue color that even shows with the side view of the closed wallet.

This highly limited edition of wallets are all hand-sewn by Couch Guitar Straps.

I’m happy now I can be surrounded by these exclusive things everyday. And every time I pick up my camera I’m reminded about my first years and the good old film days when digital cameras were non-existent!

These unique products are made in USA, sweatshop free limited editions are available directly from Couch at an incredible price — go ahead and check it out! — Couch Guitar Straps.

VW Camper Van

Remember to live out you dreams!

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Martin Bay

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