Zhongliu Village

Image of Zhongliu Village

On the way from Ping’An to Dazia – we stumpled on Zhongliu Village. It’s interesting how Ping’An and Dazai receives hundreds of tourists each year, and Zongliu just a few. So mostly people carry on with their own life just look interested on the few travellers getting to the village. We got some images of the rural life and how bad waste is managed here. A pity that plastic and bottles end up in the river.

Well I like these images and if you look carefully at the image below you will see the artefacts.

Image of Zhongliu Village

Martin Bay

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  1. Wonderful pictures! We are doing the same trip ourselves at the end of the month! Which we are very much looking forward to! You didn’t find it hard for places to stay? We are wanting to get off the tourist tracks and explore the rural ness of the region and the people. Many thanks for the photos! Regards


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